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WARNING</u>: The following contains vore with Kingdom Hearts and Disney characters: Kaa/Sora vore. If the idea of vore offends you, please hit the back button now! You have been warned.


The sound of rustling leaves was what woke Sora, who was sprawled ungracefully on the jungle floor. His blue eyes fluttered open, blinking against the filtered sunlight that shone through the canopy far above him, casting spatterings of brightness over the clearing.

"Uuuhn, my head..." The boy groaned as he sat up, rubbing the back of his head tenderly. When the haze of unconsciousness wore off, Sora got to his feet, surveying the area around him.

He was definitely in a jungle. The heat and humidity, along with the lush , bright foliage and noises from birds and animals indigenous to the tropical region told him that. There was a faint hissing behind him, and, already on his guard, Sora whirled around to face-

- the gummi ship, beaten and battered with its nose buried in the dirt, held upright only by the splintered trees it had landed on. It all came rushing back to  Sora.

Asked to go on a recon mission for King Mickey, he and Riku had been sent to this world to investigate possible heartless activity. Upon entry into the world's atmosphere, a heartless ship had taken out their engine, causing the duo to plummet to the earth. Sora recalled telling Riku to brace himself as they nose dived straight towards the jungle, and the last thing Sora remembered was strapping himself in seconds before the ship broke through the canopy, and the rest was blank.

Sora gave a long-winded sigh, "What is with me crash landing in jungles?" Riku'd surely never let him live this down...

Wait... Where was Riku?

"Riku," Sora called, eyes scanning the wreckage. "Riku!" He glanced around the surrounded shrubbery for Riku's familiar clothes and hair, but found no trace of his best friend.

Sora sighed again, scratching the back of his head, "Great... guess I'd better go look for him."

He made his way into the wrecked gummi ship for his supply of potions and elixirs just in case he needed them. Sora wasn't too worried about the ship itself. Chip, Dale and Cid had worked tirelessly to install a sort of auto-repair system. Since the ship was made of gel-like blocks, fixing them was only a matter of rearranging the damaged pieces. The process would take about a day, which would give Sora and Riku plenty of time to reunite and complete their mission.

Ever-confident that things would turn out for the better, Sora trotted off into the jungle, unaware of the pair of eyes that watched him from the shadows of the trees.


Alas, after an hour of searching through the thick flora of the jungle, Sora still had not found his silver-haired friend.

"Arrgh, this is useless, I'm never gonna find him this way!" Sora gripped his hair in frustration.

"Oh my, my. Sssuch rare happensstance, a mancub in the jungle," came a hissing, mellow voice from behind him.

Sora whirled around, ready to summon the keyblade as he faced the stranger. He was met with the smiling, scaly face of a very large python, hanging down from the branch of a tree, its body hidden by the canopy.

Sora regarded the snake suspiciously. "Who are you?"

"Oh dear, how ssilly of me. Kaa the ssnake, at your ssservice," the python, Kaa, replied, offering a sort of bow.

"Uh, Sora," the brunet introduced hesitantly.

"A pleasure to meet you mancub," Kaa said smoothly, draping his tail over Sora's shoulders. Sora tensed and frowned deeply, but Kaa feigned obliviousness, "I couldn't help but noticcce, that you ssseem to be having a bit of trouble?"

Sora shifted uncomfortably under the snake's grip, "Um. Well, you see, a friend and I got separated a while go, and I can't find him..."

"That'ss too bad," Kaa gave a sympathetic frown before that wily grin was back, "Perhapss I could offer my assisstance? I rather have a knack for showing humanss to their... rightful place, if I do ssay sso mysself."

Something in Kaa's tone sent off warning bells in Sora's head. He had a gut feeling that the python was trying to trick him, and Sora was never one to ignore instinct. The brunet promptly lifted Kaa's tail off his shoulders, "Um, thanks but no thanks, I think I can find Riku on my own." He said as he dropped the coil.

Kaa frowned, appearing genuinely hurt, "You don't... trussst me?"

Sora scratched the back of his head, almost feeling bad for the snake, "Um, it's not you, I've just had bad experiences with snakes." An image of his battle with Jafar in his giant cobra form popped into his head and he shuddered.

Sora took a step backwards, "So, sorry," he said as he turned to walk away, "But I've gotta get--"

"Oh but I inssisst," Kaa purred as he suddenly appeared in front of the boy. Sora yelped in surprise, but Kaa continued, "Far be it for humble ole' me to passs up a mancub in need! I can make aaall your problemss go away."

Kaa then looked Sora right in the eye, "Trussst me."

Sora couldn't look away. Kaa's eyes... there was something wrong with those eyes. Swirling yellow and blue, captivating him, drawing him in.

Sora didn't stand a chance.

He couldn't move his head, couldn't even blink to break eye contact... A haze began to settle over Sora's mind, and the longer he stared, the thicker it became. The sounds of the jungle began to dissipate, the greenery melting into an indiscernible swirl of color.

Where was he again? He was looking for someone... who? Were they that important if he couldn't remember them? No, they couldn't be. A giggle bubbled out of him. He couldn't help it! He felt so... at ease and calm. Nothing else mattered. He swayed on his feet.

Kaa grinned to himself as he hooked his tail under Sora's arms, hoisting the hypnotized boy up into the treetops. He was positive that nothing would get in the way of this rare treat; Sher Khan was gone and therefore laid no claim to this mancub.

Kaa wrapped the tip of his tail around Sora's waist and began to twist the brunet, tugging the boy closer while wrapping him up with coil after thick coil. Sora didn't seem to care that he was now nestled from shoulder to toe in Kaa's scales; a lazy smile had settled on his face and his eyes, which now mirrored the swirling yellow and blue of Kaa's hypnotism, were half-lidded.

Oh yes, this human wasn't going to be getting away. With a triumphant grin, Kaa's jaws yawned open wide, and he pushed Sora's head into his mouth.

Everything went dark for Sora. Not that he was in any state of mind to care when his whole head was surrounded by a warm, wet pressure. He vaguely felt something pulling at him, and soon his shoulders were encased by the same warmth that his head was. What was going on? A tiny voice in the back of his brain was telling him that this was bad, but like everything else, that tiny voice was lost to the trance.

Kaa didn't waste any time, unwilling to run the risk of having this feast interrupted for any reason. He began to gulp the brunet down, twisting his head and using his coils to push the brunet upwards until Sora's slender shoulders popped into his maw. The python's scaly body rippled with each swallow as it dragged its meal further in. Sora's chest slowly entered the snake's greedy mouth, along with his upper arms. Kaa's body opened up nicely to make way for his prey, bulging out as Sora's head and shoulders slid along the slick tunnel as more of him was dragged inside.

Everything felt funny, Sora decided. Everything from his waist up felt like it was wrapped in something squishy, and felt like he was being squeezed all over. The brunet was dimly aware that he was being pushed through something tight and tube-like. There was a fleeting notion that this was a bad thing, but the thought was gone before he could grasp it, so he ignored it. It was warm here; warm was good, right?

Sora felt something pressing against him from the waist down, something smooth and cool, yet firm. He shifted his legs, mildly surprised when he couldn't move them much. But why did he need to? There was a reason why, but he just couldn't think what it could be.

What bliss! Kaa thought as he carried out his feast. His coils shifted around his captive as he pushed more of the mancub into his gullet. Another gulp, and Sora was dragged further inside, disappearing down to his elbows and stomach. Kaa found he didn't particularly like the taste of the human's clothing, but he hadn't a clue how to get them off, especially now that the human occupying them was halfway down his throat. Oh well, c'est la vie.

The gluttonous python continued right along, undeterred. The meal was halfway done now, but that was no invitation to take his time with the rest of his mancub. Instead, Kaa seemed to sped up, gulping and swallowing with an almost feverish fervor. Kaa pushed his head forward as he pushed the body in his coils upward, mouth stretching over Sora's hips and rear. The python relished the way his body bulged out with the boy's form, grinning as the human sank further into his gullet.

Using his coils, Kaa managed to wrench Sora's large black and yellow shoes off his feet, where they tumbled off the branch and fell to the jungle floor below; they looked too bulky and disgusting to eat. With them gone, the snake could freely finish up his meal. He loosened his coils from Sora's legs and tilted himself up, allowing gravity to push the brunet's body down while Kaa's muscles pulled him in. Soon Sora's thighs, knees and calves vanished from view, his feet hanging limply from Kaa's mouth. But with a final tug and gulp, those too swiftly disappeared as Kaa closed his mouth over them with an air of finality.

The weird feeling from earlier was intensifying for Sora. He still wasn't quite sure what was going on, and that should have worried him, but he just couldn't muster the will to care. He was still being pushed down what felt like a warm, wet tube as something slick pressed against him on all sides, squeezing him. It now encompassed his whole body and he tried to squirm out of restlessness, but he found that he could barely move. That... that was bad, right? But why, why was it bad? He couldn't think clearly.

Kaa chuckled to himself as his muscles pushed and squeezed his meal further down his body, the human-shaped bulge sliding down until Sora rested in his stomach.

"At lassst, ssso filling," Kaa purred happily, looking drunk on euphoria. He draped the coil which contained his full belly from the branch, letting it hang heavily in an arc as the morsel inside squirmed about.

Kaa smirked to himself, "Ssee mancub? I told you I have a talent for sshowing humanss to their rightful placce!"

Sora's only response was a lethargic push against his stomach. Sora was still very much alive, though steadily getting weaker with the lack of air.  With another victorious giggle, Kaa coiled around the tree branch to ensure he wouldn't fall off, closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Meanwhile, a familiar silver-haired teen was hacking his way through the very same jungle.

"Sora!" Riku hollered as his keyblade slashed through another plant. Why was it that he and Sora always seemed to get separated on their missions? He'd been calling for the other for what felt like hours with no sign of the brunet.

He was about to call out again when his foot caught something and he stumbled, catching himself before he fell. He turned to glare at the offending object when his eyes widened.

A black and yellow shoe. The other one wasn't far from it.

"These are... Sora's?" Riku murmured to himself, puzzled. What in the name of Light was Sora doing running around without his shoes? Or... did something happen to him?

"Sora!" Riku called out more urgently. Call it a hunch, but he got the feeling that his friend was in danger.

A noise from above startled him. Riku craned his neck upwards, peering into the branches of the treetops.

There was a snake in the branches, coiled around the wood and snoozing. It was humming in its sleep, which would explain the noise. But Riku wasn't paying attention to any of that. His wide aqua eyes were fixated on the rather large bulge in its stomach.

...The rather large bulge that was just about the size of his missing friend.

"Sora!" Riku cried in alarm. The silveret immediately jumped onto the lowest-hanging branch of the tree, leaping from branch to branch as he easily climbed it; he climbed the palm trees of Destiny Islands all the time as a kid, these trees were cakewalk to climb.

Riku finally reached the branch on which the python rested, crouching next to the snake's head. He summoned his keyblade and rapped the reptile on the head.

"Hmmm?" the python uttered sleepily. "Doh, what now?" It grumbled in agitation as it lifted its head up... to stare right into Riku's raging green eyes.

Before Kaa could even yelp in fear, Riku grabbed the snake by the throat, bringing it to eye level. Kaa gulped.

"I have good reason to believe that you ate my friend there," Riku stated matter-of-factly, pointing to Kaa's stomach. "So I'm going to give you two options. One, you spit him out now and I don't gut you. Two, you don't spit him out and I do gut you, and take him back anyway. So what's it gonna be?" Riku finished rather calmly as he brandished Way to the Dawn.

"Oh, musst we ressort to ssuch violence? I'm ssure we can talk thiss o--" Kaa's attempt to be suave tapered off into a choking noise as Riku tightened his grip in warning. "--alright!" Kaa rasped, "Alright! I give!"

Riku promptly released the python's neck. "Don't try anything funny either."

Kaa sneered at the silveret, sniffing in disdain. He had no choice but to acquiesce to the human's demands; he couldn't flee, as engorged as he was, and he stood no chance against man's sharp weapons. So with a sigh of remorse, Kaa began the quick yet arduous task of regurgitating his precious meal.

Riku's face contorted with disgust, turning away as Kaa coughed Sora up. It took several moments, the still form of the brunet traveling back up the way he came until his legs emerged from Kaa's wide-open mouth, followed by his hips, his chest, his shoulders and then finally his head popped free.

Riku caught Sora before he tumbled off the branch, cringing as Sora was covered in sticky saliva that rubbed off on Riku's arms and clothes.

Oh gross, Scalding showers were definitely in order after this. Still, there were more pressing matters.

Sora was still breathing, much to Riku's relief, just unconscious; he'd probably passed out from lack of air.

"Sora," Riku shook the brunet, "c'mon, wake up."

Kaa, momentarily forgotten, hovered next to Riku's head as he tried to rouse his friend. A sly idea formed in his head; what was better than one mancub-meal? Two mancubs!

"Ssee, no harm done," he hissed. He tried to look Riku in the eye. "Trusst m--"

"Not now!" Riku silenced the python by bopping him on the head with his keyblade.

Kaa yelped, covering his head with his coils. That does it! As tasty as they were, humans were just too complicated to catch. Feh! He was swearing them off his diet for good. He glared at the silveret, grumbling to himself before finally slithering off into the canopy.

Riku barely paid the snake any mind, sighing in relief when Sora stirred, cracking his eyes open.

"Ugh," Sora groaned, holding his head. "R-Riku?"

"In the flesh," Riku replied, smirking a bit.

Sora sat up, shaking his head, "What happened? I remember looking for you and meeting Kaa... and then his eyes got all weird. Everything's fuzzy after that..."

Riku thought about telling Sora that he'd been a hair's breath away from being snake-chow, but decided against it.

"Er, let's just say that I saved your butt from a--" he paused, wiping some of the saliva on his hand off on the tree bark, "-- sticky situation."
YES I KNOW THE ENDING IS TERRIBLE LEAVE ME ALONE. ;-; I wrote the ending with but half an hour before work. I might change it later.

But here, have a Kaa/Sora vore story! *throws literature at watchers*

Sora, Kaa Squeenix and Disney
Story *Nahceid
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I think the alternate ending would have put the both of them in Kaa's belly. But I enjoyed this story a lot, I hope you do more.
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sora-belly Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012
I KNOW. I was rushed. I had half an hour before work to finish, edit and post. :(
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LOL! OMG, Riku and his silly words. I would say I love Riku rescuing Sora from vore situations more than anything in the world, except that I love Riku being the cause of Sora's vore situations even more. But still- awesomeness.

Clearly I didn't watch enough Disney as a child, though- I'm totally "meh" on Kaa. Not that I'm judging you for doing Kaa art or anything, I just look at the Kaa vore fandom and I'm like "wev." The point is, EVEN THOUGH I have no feelings one way or the other re: Kaa, I totally love your fic. Your writing is great.

sora-belly Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2012
My writing is nothing compared to yours others. xD

I'm not like, a huge fan of Kaa either. He's just another plot device to be abused for vore situations. xD If he hadn't been a Disney character, I wouldn't have bothered lol

Also, Riku totally fails at near-death puns. It's his fault, not mine. xD
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That's what I love about your stories, you always have a happy ending.
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