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February 18, 2011
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Warning! This story contains Kingdom Hearts characters and vore! If you do not like vore, you are advised to turn back now. All flames will be thoroughly pointed and laughed at. If vore is totally your bag, happy reading!


There's been a time in most  kids' lives where they get something ridiculously fancy and/or expensive on their birthday. The children of Destiny Islands were no different. For his eighth birthday, Wakka had gotten a motorized play-jeep (which he was unusually stingy with). Six-year-old Kairi was given a big pink playhouse, which none of the boys would ever be caught dead in despite her pleas and bribes. Just-turned-six Selphie received a toy train set, whose tracks wound completely around her bedroom. Both also turning six, little Tidus and Sora were given a blitzball playing set and a collection of wooden play swords respectively. But seven-year-old Riku...

No one could deny that his present was the coolest of all, for in the middle of his backyard was a giant trampoline! Riku's parents welcomed all the children of the close-knit neighborhood to it (much to the chagrin of the birthday boy), and they all swarmed the device like lions to a kill.

"You kids be careful up there!" Tidus' mother called, "Remember, we're watching you from the kitchen!"

Various small voices quickly assured their parents that they'd be careful and such. After the warning, the children were pretty much left to their own devices - they were old enough to care of themselves as long as tea and gossip among housewives were involved.

But that was perfectly okay; who wants a bunch of grown-ups telling you what to do with your new present anyway? Little Riku liked it this way, because now he could do whatever he wanted with HIS present.

"Okay guys," little Riku said, "since this is MY trampoline you gotta do what I say or I won't let you play on it!" To a rather spoiled eight year old, this logic seemed reasonable.

To a rather spoiled eight-year-old's friends, this logic did not seem reasonable at all.

"That'th not fair! You'll make uth do boring thtuff!" little Sora, who'd recently lost both front teeth in a playground accident, pouted.

"Yeah, and then we'll tell and your momma won't let you play on it neither," Kairi agreed smugly and Riku grumbled at the thought of being grounded from his awesome new gift.

"...fine, we can all play whatever we want on it. But just for today since it's new!"

With a shared cheer, the gaggle of children all scrambled to climb onto the bouncy black tarp, and fun times were had for all.

Then something very odd happened.

Kairi,Tidus and Selphie were taking a break, sitting on the pads covering the springs while Riku, Sora and Wakka continued to play. Wakka and Riku jumped high and hit the tarp at the same time, just as little Sora was about to land. The combined force of the older boys' jump double-bounced the yelping brunet high into the air, flailing his arms.

"Wah!!" Sora cried, easily ten feet in the air.

"Whoooaaa..." The other children breathed in awe.

But as the flailing Sora came falling back down, no one seemed to notice that he was falling right toward little Riku,  who was still gaping widely at seeing his best friend achieve such a height. As if in slow motion, Sora crashed down on top of Riku.


And the next thing Riku knew, he was flopping onto his bottom, knocked off balance and completely dazed. His mouth and throat and tummy felt weird, like someone shoved something too-big down them. He felt full and good for some reason.

He hiccupped, and couldn't figure out why all his friends were staring at him for a full twenty seconds until...

thump, thump!

Puzzled, Riku looked down and blinked slowly. His belly was huge! It rested heavily between his legs on the tarp where he collapsed, which was bowed down way more than it should have with his weight alone. He could feel something moving inside, thumping against the sides of his tummy so hard he could even see it from the outside.

Confused, little Riku shook his head and looked around, like he was dreaming. Tidus and Wakka were gaping in shock, Kairi and Selphie wide-eyed in awe. But wait, where was Sor-

thump, squirm


"Oh my gosh you ate Sora!" Selphie said. She was strangely unafraid considering she just witnessed her friend get eaten (albeit on accident) by her other friend.

"W-what?" The dazed movement inside Riku's belly seemed to still for a second or two before exploding into full-blown thrashing, "I'm in Riku'th tummy?!" Riku could hear little Sora squeal, though it was muffled by layers of squishy stomach. Everyone seemed to hear it just fine however.

"Sora," said Kairi, calmly crawling over and poking Riku's engorged belly, "Are you okay?"

"I'm thcared," the poor brunet hollered. He was kicking and wriggling for all he was worth. Riku burped and decided he liked that feeling. "It'th really dark and thquishy!"

The kids, for the most part, seemed to be fascinated by the turn of events. Tidus, Wakka and Selphie all joined Kairi at Riku's side, poking and prodding and touching poor little Riku's Sora-filled belly.

"Dat's so cool, ya!" Wakka grinned, poking a bulge that turned out to be Sora's shoulder. Sora yelped inside.

"Duh!" Tidus said, but then he frowned, "But wait... What if Riku starts g-gi-desting him?"

A pause.

"Ohmigosh!" Selphie screeched, "Riku's gonna turn Sora into... Number Two?"

"I don't wanna be Number Two!" Sora wailed, throwing a fit. Even though the brunet was small, Riku didn't much like his insides pummeled, so he groaned and rubbed at the top of his tummy.

"Stop it, stupid!" He demanded. "You're not gonna turn into Number Two!"

Sora noticeably calmed down at this, "R-really?" he squeaked.

"Yeah, So-ra! Riku wouldn't do that to you, you're our friend!" Kairi was quick to assure, patting where she thought her friend's head to be.

" do we get 'im out?" Wakka asked unsurely.

Silence befell the poor children. That.. was a good question. Tidus suggested that Riku puke Sora up, to which Riku declined on account of Kairi and Selphie squealing in disgust. Wakka suggested someone go in after the little brunet, but no one was brave enough to attempt that. Selphie suggested telling their parents, because their parents always knew what to do, but everyone else was quick to shoot down her plan, because they didn't want to get in trouble.

"I guess he's stuck there then," Tidus shrugged when all their options were exhausted.

"Oh well," said Selphie, grinning, "at least we know he won't be deejestered!"

"It's 'digested', dummy," Kairi snickered. She sidled back over to Riku and rubbed his belly, the other children following suit. Now that the fear of danger was gone, all the kids with their six and seven and eight year old minds found the whole ordeal fascinating and new. (After all, how often was it that you witnessed a person get eaten?)

That is, everyone but Sora, who was still pleading to his friends to save him from the "thticky thmelly Riku-belly" to no avail. He continued to kick and squirm and push against the squishy stomach walls, causing the silveret's swollen gut to ripple and bulge and making Kairi, Selphie, Tidus and Wakka giggle.

And Riku? He simply kicked back, relishing the attention from the other kids and the nice feeling of his best friend moving around in his belly. Little Riku decided right then and there that he could definitely get used to this for many years to come.
This is my entry for the :iconkingdomheartsvore: contest for February! The theme was "cute," and what's cuter than kiddy Riku accidentally gulping a Sora in a trampoline accident?

This is a short, pointless story, but I hope it does well anyway. I hope everyone enjoys!

Sora, Riku (c) Squeenix, Disney
Story (c) *Nahceid
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I love how they're afraid that their friend might die, but they won't tel their parents cause they don't want to get in trouble.
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Kid logic, isn't it amazing? xD
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That really IS cute! :D So, how DOES Sora get out? I mean, if he's still there later to get eaten again, then how?
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aww so cute especially with sora not able to say words with S's in it
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you should make a part 2 because it should be a long story instead of a short one.and you should draw a animation clip so we can see how it happend
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And so the origin of all your Riku/Sora vore drawings and pictures is explained. I like this a lot. Innocence mixed with slyness. Ah, kids.
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